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Lag Resolved

So like many people on here since transferring to VM from BT my lag has been horrendous, The SH3 is known to have a serious issue causing this and is currently waiting for a firmware update from intel to fix. I called VM and the guy on the phone didn't know what issue I am referring to, given its such a documented issue its incredible the staff are unaware. Anyway I explained the issue and demanded a Superhub 2AC - which was eventually provided after a long telephone battle. 

As a result of changing over my quality of service has gone from this


To this - At 2pm today I installed my SH2 AC and this is the result

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As you can see its a huge improvement. I am using my VM hubs in modem mode with my Netgear Router. If anyone is having issues with lag I would suggest doing what I have done. On a side note I think it is incredible the SH3 has not been pulled or recalled for those using it for ping sensitive activities, for VM to not acknowledge this as a serious issue and pro-activly offer an exchange on what is clearly broken and not fit for purpose hardware is unbelievable. I suspect those who are not tech savvy dont even know about this issue, VM clearly trying to keep this issue as quiet as they can. - Shame on you VM


Hopefully this post helps some people actually get the service they deserve for what they are paying for. 



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