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Keeps disconnecting when playing xbox one.

Been a customer over 10 years, but for 6 months we are having a problem staying connected when playing xbox one online games. Keeps disconnecting after few minutes, which kicks me out of a game, then it immediately asks me to sign in again. None of my other products, such as ipad, phones etc have a problem staying connected.

I cannot connect with a wired connection as the xbox one is in my sons bedroom and the modem is downstairs. This is so fustrating now, that if it doesnt get sorted, I will be cancelling my custom, and taking my business elsewhere.

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Re: Keeps disconnecting when playing xbox one.

Hi Angie66uk,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Xbox over wireless. I've just checked your connection and everything looks perfectly fine from this end. This is likely down to wireless interference, so that we can rule this out as the potential cause could you try a wired connection test by taking the Xbox to the hub? 

Wireless is a very unstable medium even at the best of times and I wouldn't recommend it for gaming as this requires a constant connection. It may be worth taking a look at power lines if wired is not an option.

Let us know how you get on.

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