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Issues syncing Xbox One game saves

The Xbox One has a feature where it automatically backs up your game saves to Xbox Live, which allows you to seamlessly use the same save across multiple consoles, plus it also means that all of your saves are backed up.


I had to factory reset my console the other day, which wiped out all of my local saves, so they all needed to be resynced from Live. Most saves synced just fine, but any saves that were 4MB and above failed. Rather than the progress bar zipping from 0 to 100%, it slowly goes up, but then it fails before it hits 100% and repeated attempts always lead to the same failures occurring. For me, it only affects the Forza games - Forza 5, 6 and Horizon 2. Those 3 games all have saves that are 7MB+. As of now, I have been unable to retrieve the saves for any of these 3 games from Xbox Live.


What's interesting about this, is that people who are affected by it found that if they used their mobile phone as a wireless hotspot, the saves that won't sync now sync just fine. That possibly implies that it's an ISP or router issue, as if it was an Xbox Live issue than you would expect the saves to always fail to sync.


Is VM aware of this issue? Is anyone else here with an Xbox One affected by this?

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