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Internet spiking!

Well the past week now i have been playing on blackops 3 on xbox one online. I just keep getting lag spikes and freezing my game play every few seconds and lasts all night. I have factory reset me router and switched off at the wall unplugged every lead still not helping. I have run a test through virgin media and says everything looks fine, but ring them to dig deeper. I have done this in the past and just happens again a week later. I am really losing my patience with it!. They dont sort it i am moving to sky!!!!!!
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Re: Internet spiking!

Hi georgefthickett


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of the problems you are having when playing Black Ops 3. I've run a few checks on your connection and I can't see anything that would cause you any issues. Is it only on BO3 that you experience these problems? Is your Xbox connected wired or wireless?


Speak soon,


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