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Intermittent Internet dropouts

 I have had an ongoing problem for several months now and keep getting dropouts on my laptop via wifi (signal is always good) and ps4 via cable connection. I have spent several hours speaking to the Indian call centre who usually go with “turn it on and off again” or “power levels don’t seem correct” route. I have had a new superhub supplied and engineer out and am still getting dropouts. I have had at least 10 dropouts within the last hour and had to write this on word and paste it in as it dropped out the first time I tried to write this on the webpage. I am coming to the opinion that Virgin cannot supply a stable internet connection. Any help would be appreciated or can you point me to a more stable supplier.

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Re: Intermittent Internet dropouts

Hi Carlmidgley,

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're getting drop outs. I've just checked your connection and can see no problems from here. Your power levels, SNR and area contention are all healthy and the hub has been online for the last 3 days and 16 hours with no timeouts. 

When you get these drop outs do both devices drop out at the same time or will one stay online when the other disconnects? Do you have any other devices that don't drop out at all?

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