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Intermittent Connection

Lately in house the internet connection from my SuperHub has been dropping out consistently every 15 minutes (I have timed it) 

This is most noticeable for the online gaming in the house as a slight drop out of 10 seconds signs you off of the online. However the dropout is happening on other devices too e.g. iPad and computers.

Was wondering wether this was a local problem or anything I can do to resolve the issue apart from the usual turn it off and on again.


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Re: Intermittent Connection

Hi AlexBman

Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry to hear of the intermittent connection that you are experiencing. That doesn't sound like much fun when your playing online. I've run a few checks on your connection and everything is looking great.

Are you connected wired or wireless?

Could you post the hub's network log for us to have a look at? (go to, don't log in, router status in top right corner)

Are there any changes to the hub lights when the connection drops?

Speak soon,


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