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If you're having latency issues with gaming, read this!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to these forums and thought I'd help out fellow virgin media users. I was initially with Sky for standard ADSL broadband and using their router which was pretty impressive as I had no issues whatsoever with latency and gaming (I was getting 8Mbps), then I went with EE and it was good for a while until for some odd reason I would have random lag spikes here and there, sometimes gaming on the PS4 was impossible. Now I'm with Virgin Media trying out their 50Mbps fibre as I cannot receive BT fibre optic.

At the moment I've had it for just nearly 2 weeks and in all honesty I've been suffering random lag spikes on the PS4, download speed is great (I'm getting roughly 60-70Mbps on other devices). I have had a glance over the forums and can see the PS4 and Xbox One are having issues with latency I'm a bit of geek myself with this sort of stuff especially as a Computer Science student.

So basically initially I've had problems from day 1, random lag spikes sometimes low download speeds just on my PS4 but the PS3, laptop and everything else works wonderfully!

Here are some solutions I hope can help you guys!

My PS4 is located in the attic which is two floors up from the router, I never had an issue with Sky Broadband with it working perfectly everything worked wonderfully via Wi-Fi and same with EE to an extent.


  • Set a static IP for your console
  • Open the ports for the PS4 and Xbox One
  • DMZ your console
  • Disable the firewall within the SuperHub (Arguable, your windows/mac machines have firewalls is there any need to double glaze it)
  • Check to see if you're using an Gigabit ethernet wire


  • Do the same as above
  • For the Xbox One use 5GHz Wi-Fi transmission, PS4 cannot do this.
  • In the superhub advance settings, select best performance for the 2.4GHz. This will decrease your wireless range, therefore I would recommend purchasing a wireless extender.


  • I have had a fairly high spec tp link router that's 2.4GHz only, I turned this into a wireless extender as it supports WDS
  • This sits next to the PS4, where the PS4 is connected to the router via ethernet.
  • That way I have a direct connection between this router and the superhub and have been receiving speeds of around 30-40Mbps and on top of that very smooth gaming.


  • You may change your DNS to another DNS on your console, for examples Google.
  • This may or may not work for you as some have pointed out it depends on the DNS servers the ISP is using.

Hope this can be a bit of a help, if you have any questions please ask!

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