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I simply give up... - LAG SPIKES

For the past 6+ months I've been experiencing frequent lag spikes when playing CS:GO, LoL and Black Ops 3 on PC. At first I will be playing the game around 50 ping and then roughly every 30 seconds - 2 minutes I will experience an exponential spike in my ping lasting around 10 seconds which makes the game completely unplayable, I'm talking about going from 50 ping to way over 500 ping! Baring in mind I was wired at the time and phoned up 4 or 5 times over the period of poor performance to have to tell this story every time to an employee who pretends to know what I'm talking about. They then 'run some tests' and give me a reply similar too "there's nothing wrong down our end"... I am now having to use a wireless connection (for undisclosed reasons) and all online games are simply unplayable since I am lagging 95% of the time. It has nothing to do with my PC specification.

Can somebody please help me?! Else I have no choice but to look for a more reliable ISP...


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Re: I simply give up... - LAG SPIKES

Wire your PC to the modem mode port with the super hub in modem mode setup a BQM firewall in ICMP

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