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I'm making my own 'retro' style game, take a look There is a link to my latest video, its a game I've been working on for about a year, my deadline is Spring next year, this is my very first game which would be actually finished, I'm 47 now and I started programming when I was 14 back in the 80s on a ZX81, all done in a language called C (or C-Sharp) - There are a few bugs which are to be expected, I intend to do the music also for the game and the idea is just blast and have fun, the end level will be a virtual fruit-machine would you believe (don't ask, well do... OK then I'll tell you, I used to engineer arcade games) and I'm having lots of fun making it also... but it takes ooodles of focus and dedication, they say its very easy to start a project but very difficult to finish one, anyway enjoy, cheers
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Re: I'm making my own 'retro' style game, take a look

Hey 7ONY


This is awesome, fair play I love games but I'd have no idea where to start!


Have you got any advice to anyone reading this, that might be interested in learning how to make games?



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