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Hub 3 disconnecting from Xbox live

Gaming on Xbox live has become intolerable with constant drop-outs in connection. Have tried port-forwarding, I'm connecting via Ethernet, have had an engineer visit and it still doesn't work. Please help!
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Re: Hub 3 disconnecting from Xbox live

Hi Voisey, 


Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your connection. 


I have taken a look and things seem to be ok from this side. 


Are you having trouble with a wired or a wireless connection? If wireless try wired pop the hub into modem only mode with the computer in safe mode with networking. Let me know if this makes a difference.


It may also help us to see a BQM so we can get a better idea of what you are seeing from your side. (Please be aware link is external and we're not responsible for its contents). 


Speak to you soon. 






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Re: Hub 3 disconnecting from Xbox live

Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool on Xbox One:
Network ports used by Xbox Live on Xbox One:
xBox Support:
Xbox One operating system versions and system updates:

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