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Re: How to put PS4 in DMZ?

Depends who you ask but look at port forwarding its done by IP when really doing it by MAC means your ps4 can have any LAN IP and port forwarding by MAC will map it to the right LAN IP.

In any case DHCP starts at the beginning of the LAN IP range when giving out LAN IP so by setting your ps4 with a IP of (as said above) its going to be out side the DHCP IP pool range.

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Re: How to put PS4 in DMZ?

@very_452001 - It doesn't really matter how you set the address but there are some definite pro's to using DHCP reservation.

Typically a true static address is one that's configured manually on the device itself.  However to do this you have to set.

  • Device IP address
  • Device Subnet Mask
  • Network Gateway IP address (Normally the Superhubs LAN address)
  • DNS servers

The disadvantage to this is it requires an end user to have a higher level of network understanding.  Also Ideally the user needs to reconfigure the DHCP server on the hub to make sure it doesn't try allocating an IP address that's used by a device that's been set up in this way.
Also if you wanted to change the network setup, e.g. purchase another router, and use a different LAN IP, then you need to manually reconfigure the devices network settings.

On the other hand you can assign an address via DHCP, but reserve that IP address for that device, using DHCP address reservation.

Advantages to this.

As long as the device connects using the same network interface (Lan or WLAN are different interfaces - even when they are on the same device)  Then it will always be given the same address, so it will to all intents and purposes always retain the same IP address while still being assigned Dynamically.

The advantages to this are threefold that I can think of offhand.

  1. Less network knowledge required.
  2. No need to modify the DHCP server settings on the router.
  3. You can take the PS4 to another network, and simply connect it up, without having to dig into the network settings.

So how you do it is up to you, but another advantage to setting up addresses using DHCP reservation, is that any devices you need to have a fixed address can be set up in the one place.  I use fixed here to differentiate them from true static addresses.

Incidentally - I did find a defintion of Static vs Dynamic Addresses here.

Although I'd have to reword it:

A static IP address is an IP address that was manually configured for a device, versus one that was assigned via a DHCP server. It's called static because it doesn't change. It's the exact opposite of a dynamic IP address, which can change.

The original wording states that a dynamic address does change.  In fact a client can actually request that it uses the address it's been using before, and if the server is configured to allow it, and the IP address is free, it can get it back.

I do think you're making this out to be harder than it has to be.

Simply. With the PS4 plugged into the network and turned on.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Advanced->DHCP
  3. Wait for the DHCP page to load and populate.
  4. Tick the entry for the PS4 - The MAC address an IP address will populate.
  5. Click Add rule
  6. Click Apply changes.

If you wanted the PS4 to use a different IP address you'd have to do the above with the PS4 disconnected and then manually insert the PS4's MAC address and the desired IP address.  Not as convenient, but added for completeness.

By using DHCP reservation, no other device can be given the same address (unless you clone the mac address of the PS4 that is Smiley Wink)




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Re: How to put PS4 in DMZ?

Ok which solution shall I choose from the responses in this thread that best suits online gaming on the PS4?

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Re: How to put PS4 in DMZ?

With respect, you've now been given two possible solutions, both of which would work.

But let me spell out my preferred method once again.

With the PS4 connected to the network

1.  Go to and log in.
2. Go to DHCP and wait for the page to fully populate.
3. Click the radio button next to the PS4 entry which will add it's MAC and IP address to the Add reserved rule boxes.
4. Click Add Rule
5. Click Apply Changes.

This will now ensure that only the PS4 is given that IP address.

Next we need to deal with a security consideration BEFORE placing the PS4 in the DMZ, the fact that it will respond to mDNS requests from the internet at large.  So we need to make sure it can't do this.

6. Go to Security->Port Forwarding
7. Click Create a New Rule
8. For Local IP add the last part of the PS4's IP address.
9.  For Local Start and End ports enter 65535
10 For External Start and End Ports enter 5353
11 For Protocol Enter UDP
12 Select Enabled
13 Click Apply Changes

Finally we can now put the PS4 in the DMZ - Note there is a bug on the port forwarding and DMZ pages which will report changes have not been saved even when they have.  This will occur when you go to the next step.  Just click ignore.

14 Go to Security->DMZ
15 Select Enabled
16 Enter the last part of the PS4's IP address into the box.
17 Click Apply Changes

Now hopefully those instructions should be clear enough for you.



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