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How To Improve PS4 Download Speeds?

I'm on a 50mb broadband package with Virgin Media based in the UK, London. My connections speeds on average are about 48mb+ download and 3-4mb+ upload at most times of the days including peak hours (which is good).
However, when I connect via. LAN connection to my PS4 (at anytime - even non-peak time hours), I get about 17-25mb download+ which is about half or less of what I am supposed to get. But, when I use LAN on my desktop I get excellent speeds.

Are there any ways of improving my connection speeds or ways to get the most from my broadband for my PS4 just like my desktop does? I have already tried changing my DNS settings and MTU settings with the OpenDNS and Google DNS.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Re: How To Improve PS4 Download Speeds?

Hi Razumaki,


The speed test on the PlayStation is a bit unreliable and may not give accurate speeds. I know the xbox speed test routes via the US so the speeds are understandably slower. I'm not sure why the PS test is slower but it has been well documented.

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