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Higher base ping and small lag spikes during gameplay

Hello there, I play League of Legends and World of Warcraft mainly and ever since the DOCSIS 3 cables have been available to upgrade to my base ping has risen by 20 on LoL (20 to 40) and roughly by the same on WoW. This wouldn't really be an issue but it's obviously related to the lag spikes I'm now also getting when playing both of them,

I experience these lag spikes roughly every 20 seconds or so when actively playing the games and my ping spikes up to 100+, pretty annoying to play competitively when this happens so often. I watch a lot of too and I've noticed the streams buffers a lot more often (when they never did a single time previously) and Youtube videos loads slower as well.

Now I would just upgrade to DOCSIS 3 and hope for the best but I've heard the Superhub 3 is atrocious and I would not be interested in risking it although if I can try the Superhub 2ac, I'd consider it.

Ideally if you can just return my connection to how it was around a month or so ago with my current hub that would be awesome as I don't really want to risk the Superhub 2ac either after hearing bad things about it (although it pales in comparison to the SH3).

Please try to refrain from asking me to post traceroutes or TBB graphs and any other diagnosis and the problem is most definitely on your side as most basic diagnosis I have carried out myself already due to experiencing these problems in the past of which were all company side anyway.

It just seems coincidental that as soon as DOCSIS 3 is complete and available to upgrade to, that my connection's quality has suffered, whether it's due to infrastructure, throttling, less support for the old cable network, I have no idea. Hopefully someone can clear it up for me.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Higher base ping and small lag spikes during gameplay

Hi Stripes,


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by Docsis 3 being available in the area? Docsis 3 has been used for several years on our network. I assume you mean the latest speed upgrades.

I've checked your connection and can see that your power levels are out of sync and will need a technician to visit and adjust. I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time for this. To check your messages just click the envelope at the top of the forum.

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