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HighPing PacketLoss

Hi, recently upgraded to the vivid 200 gamer network and hoping for all the goodness that came with it.

My problem is as follows;

Unstable/High pings at various times of the day, same problem on my previous 120mb connection (with yourselves) funnily enough.

Speedtests by Ookla result in sub 20mb download speed.

Thinkbroadband Quality/Ping monitor reports connection as in following URL;

 Upload seems solid at 19-21mb consistently.

1    298750000  -0.4  38.9  256 qam33
2    322750000  -0.2  38.9  256 qam36
3    314750000  -0.5  38.9  256 qam35
4    306750000  -0.5  38.9  256 qam34
5    290750000  -0.5  38.6  256 qam32
6    282750000  -0.5  38.9  256 qam31
7    274750000  -1  38.9  256 qam30
8    266750000  -0.7  38.6  256 qam29
9    258750000  -0.7  38.9  256 qam28
10    250750000  -0.7  38.9  256 qam27
11    242750000  -0.9  38.9  256 qam26
12    234750000  -1  38.9  256 qam25

Above table current as of this post time.

Service status check reports nothing wrong with *my* equipment. Speed test on Ookla was even the one hosted by Virgin Media.

I'll check this as regularly as possible to discuss a solution to my problem(s).


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Re: HighPing PacketLoss

Hi MikeyBoy81, 

Thanks for the post! I am sorry to hear that you've been having troubles with high ping and packet loss,I apologise for any troubles incurred.

I have tested things from here and I noticed that your area cable seems to suffer some load issues, especially during the peak hours. We're planning to undertake some upgrades to parts of our external network in your area in order to combat this. The upgrades will be to improve bandwidth and performance during the peak hours. The reference number for this is F004347370 and is currently scheduled for review around the end of June. 

Thanks for your patience with regards to this matter, I will need to pass this onto another team for you. Before I can do this I will need to clear some security questions with you as our process for doing so demands. I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed. Please respond to me there and I'll get this sorted.

Take care,



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