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High ping consistently, no changes in use nor any reports of fault in the area.

Hi, I am getting high ping consistently in games, teamspeak etc. I have posted this in gaming as it directly affects that however it isn't exclusive to it. Nothing has changed as far as usage goes, I have even tried it when nobody is using the internet and nothing changes. I am getting, on average, 130 - 230 ping but sometimes it drops to the normal value which is around 30 - 50 but that generally doesn't happen for too long, maybe 20 - 30 minutes and then its back to messing up. It has been like this for around 9 days.

I am wondering if someone can walk me through the steps of diagnosing the issue. If it is any help, I am on a wired connection using a windows 7 PC.

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Re: High ping consistently, no changes in use nor any reports of fault in the area.

Hi Pjaerlauncher,


Sorry to hear you're getting poor latency and thanks for letting us know you're using a wired connection. Wireless is usually the most likely culprit so you've skipped that step already Smiley Happy

I've just checked your connection and everything looks good. Your power levels, SNR and area contention are all healthy so let's try and narrow down the possible causes.

Could you try your hub in modem mode with your PC in safe mode with networking?

This will rule out other devices on the network, wireless, background software on the PC and the hubs router functions.

Let us know how you get on and we'll take things from there.

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