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High ping and packet loss

This morning I finally got my broadband installation completed, but I left home soon after. When I got home late in the day, I tried to test it by running world of tanks and then what I got is 90-140 ping and frequent packet loss, both wired and wirelss ways. When I swtich back to Sky's Wifi again, it back to normal, 30 ping and no packet loss. Seriously? On the first day? In the light of the experience in waiting for installation, I hope it is not necessary to book another visit. If so, guess who will be really mad?    

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Re: High ping and packet loss

Hi CicoChen


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the problems that you are experiencing when playing World of Tanks. I'm unable to locate your details to run a few checks on your connection so I will send you a PM for some additional info and get this looked into. 


Speak soon 

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