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High latency, high jitter, inconsistent internet speed


I've been dealing with this ever since me and my housemates got Virgin as our ISP. But we are all tired of the poor performance, so I decided to finally write on here.

We are using 150 mb speed, wireless, with 4 people in total. However, I have just done a few tests and even when I am the only one using the internet, the results are the same. So it doesn't matter in this case how many people are using it.

I get very high ping when playing games such as CS:GO and Insurgency. It spikes to 200+ every minute or so. We even bought a wi-fi booster, but that does very little. I ran tests with it on and off; no change in performance.

Another thing to note is that I am using a desktop PC with a wi-fi card, and the router is downstairs under my room. We do not have a long enough cable so I can test a wired connection. I was actually wondering if Virgin can supply us with cables, as this is a problem with them, not us.

Almost weekly I see a VM van pull up on our street and do something to the box outside, but I am not sure what.

ping test.png

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Re: High latency, high jitter, inconsistent internet speed

You might have had something downloading or uploading at the time you did a pingtest if you go upto your speed limit or whats available you can buffer in latency and jitter.

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Re: High latency, high jitter, inconsistent internet speed

Hello Kryndon


Welcome to our forum, sorry you are having problems with jitter and speed, there seems to be a few factors affecting your connection.


Something to be aware of is our traffic management policy please, it does play a small part in your issues although I stress only a small part.

Wireless can sometimes be problematic with jitter and ping times and from what you mention this could well be a factor. We would recommend a wired connection for gaming, I appreciate what you say about long Ethernet cables, it is not something we would supply but they may well worth the outlay or perhaps consider Powerline adaptors. We have some more wireless information here by the way.

And finally apologies we do have a problem in the area with high peak time traffic. I have just raised a job F004203346 to our planning team to take a look. Hopefully we will know more soon. Please hang on for a few days and one of the forum team will be in contact.
Hope that helps.
Thank you for your patience



Virgin Media Forum Team
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