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High and unstable ping

I dont know if i should even post this seeing the multitude of similar posts but i too have ping issues. mine began earlier this week.

Normally my ping would be around 8-10 ms when testing on pingtest and there would be minimal if any "jitter" but in the last few days im getting more like 80-90 ms on pingtest and connecting to friends to play fighting games is truly impossible because of how rapidly the ping is changing, A small unscientific test pinging for about 10 minutes showed a max of 400 ms minimum of 10 and an average of 90 some odd.

Is this actually being fixed? is anything being done? is my monthly payment going to anything?

I called on the phone and was told "if your download speed isn't slow there is nothing i can do" because apparently mb/s down is the only tool with which we measure the quality of an internet connection...sad. Eventually after realizing my download speed was in fact a quarter of what it was supposed to be (or less) and running through a load of pointless tests. A new router has been sent to me.

When i get this new router which invariably won't fix the problem which is obviously with my line, what is my next port of call?

Also what is the keyword to get through to somebody on the helpdesk that knows what a high ping is and why its not acceptable?

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Re: High and unstable ping

Hi ojacobs3,


Thanks for posting, though disappointing to hear that you've been experiencing ping and latency problems and your gaming is suffering as a result.


Hopefully the new Superhub will help, although I've run a few checks on your connection from this end and have some concerns over the upstream power levels that are reported, which are a touch on the high side and could be the cause of the kind of problems you've been having.


If the latency persists once the new Hub is up and running drop us a quick bump here and we'll take another look at all the levels and arrange an engineer if needed.



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