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High Variances in Ping and Download Speed

Hey guys i have tried everything to get my internet to work at a stable rate for about 2 weeks now, i have run out of ideas i have tried wired, wireless, a new router, a new modem, taken off firewalls, i have the 120mbps package, it has just been all for nothing,

I have to run wireless at the minute but i have a a really good wireless router and wireless card.


This BQM is from the last couple of hours and its just a mess, i need help but i have no idea what to do. 


My Broadband Ping
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Re: High Variances in Ping and Download Speed

Afternoon Promar,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with your broadband connection. I can imagine how annoying this must be.


I've managed to locate your account and there is a high peak time traffic fault in your area which is causing slow speeds. The reference number is F003259558 and has a review date of 5th April.


Is this when you notice an issue with your connection?

If you complete a speed test through a wired connection, what speeds do you achieve?

Have you got an up to date BQM graph by any chance?


Hope to hear from you soon


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