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High Ping Spikes While Gaming

Frequently, but not always getting high ping on all devices, both wirelessly and wired. I am sure this isn't the games company as not only does this happen on multiple different games, but it also happens while browsing. Something interesting that I noticed is that the lag visibly increases when doing a speed test. In this image you can see the exact time I started the speed test and at which point it ended. Previously I was using the router in modem mode, and it happened there too.

I did some trace routes recently while lagging and I don't know for sure as I don't really know what the columns mean but it seems as if the issue is when contacting '' and ' []' since they appeared to have far larger ping than the rest.

Not sure what's going on but it's causing big problems.

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Re: High Ping Spikes While Gaming

Hi Bumblewoof,


Latency will be higher when speed testing as the test itself is actually using up bandwidth.

I've just checked your connection and can see that there is a contention fault in the area under ticket F003701934. This will cause poor speeds and latency at peak times such as evenings and weekends and is due for review 27/07/16.

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