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High Ping, Low Speeds

I have tried to combat this over the past few months but it has never been this bad. Recently, I have been getting 300 ping with high fluctuations. Long ago i was able to get a comfortable 30 ping on all servers until a month ago. I was getting 90-180 ping with immense fluctuations and as a gamer, i find this painful. I am currently using the VIVID 100 but it is no better than a 500 KB/s Router.

PS: I was meant to be getting a 100 MB/s upgrade but there has been no difference whatsoever.

This below is apparently what it is as of now but as a fact i know this is not the truth
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 17.53.03.png

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Re: High Ping, Low Speeds

Hi WarnockFamily,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear your getting poor speeds and ping spikes. 

I've just checked your connection and can see no issues from here. How are you connected to the hub? Wired or wireless? 

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