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High Latency and packet loss in Area 30.

Since around Christmas i have been experiencing high Latency and Packet loss on my connection.

About 1 month ago something in the local area changed as i got a new IP address (Had the same IP for 3 years) Since then the Latency and Packet loss has been massive to the point i am no longer able to work from home as my VPN and Phone is unable to cope with the packet loss. (I had to change to 4G the other day)

I have been in touch with support but they just did a speed test and said i was getting close to 100MB (60MB at the time)

I tried to explain to the engineer the difference between bandwidth and latency but he could not get it (Even the A level students i teach can understand this)

So it has left me to having to come to the forum in a hope that someone on here who understand the difference may respond.

From what i can see there is something wrong with the CMT as i get an average round trip time of 170+ from my local modem to the CMT.

We then have yet another large drop of packets or high latency between the CMT and the Midd-core-2a-xe-122.0 (

I have set up a ping graph from thinkbradband so people can track this real time

I hope we can get someone on here who understand network 101 and can see there is an issue.







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Re: High Latency and packet loss in Area 30.

Hi andy_hightide,

Thanks for getting in touch, it looks like Kippies has replied in your other thread Tech support and the difference with speed and latency if you pick up with him there we'll follow up on any further queries if needed.



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