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Help me with my rubbish connection

Right guys need some advice!!
I pay for 100meg broadband! At weekend and at night I get at best 10meg sometimes goes down to 1meg!! We have x2 xboxones and a ps4 connected to wifi!! Surely fibre can cope with this!!! I'm trying to play black ops 3 with my mates but my Nat type is always strict so we can't get a game together!!! I'm sick to back teeth of rubbishy connection speeds and strict NATS I'm contemplating moving to sky fibre or BT infinity as everytime I have rung virgin the customer service has been poor!!! Anyone got any tips??? HELP ME!!!
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Re: Help me with my rubbish connection

Can you get a LAN cable connected to your ps4/xbox instead? that will help right off the bat. If not, have you tried DMZ or port forwarding? that could help too. Wireless and fps games don't go well together

Speed wise, how are you measuring your 10meg down to one meg? Wireless or wired connection? if its wireless, do a test on your laptop/computer with a wired connection just to see if its any better. If its a lot better, id start off by changing the wireless channel on your superhub, start from one and then run a test. Then work your way through the channels and see which one is best. I ended up putting the hub into modem mode and buying a decent router, the wireless speeds went up a lot. But that means you have to buy a router. Another option is powerline adaptors. 

If it turns out you are still getting low speeds with a wired connection, there will either be a fault on your line (which virgin should be able to pick up on and send someone out to fix it) or there's an over utilization issue in your area which means speeds drop in the evenings/weekends and the latency goes up (ie. lag, which as you know makes playing fps games unbearable). If thats the case, virgin will give you a review date on when they think they will be upgrading you're local node. This is the problem ive got on my connection. In my case i was given a review date last year, but the date just keeps getting pushed back.


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