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HUB 3.0 + GAMING: Need some advice

I have hub 3.0 and i'm currently in the process of getting a new PC for work and gaming. Ever since i've played Battlefield 1 at my mates, i'm been stressing to get my own machine - besides that i'm not much of a gamer.

Our hub is in the room next door and since I don't want cables running around the house, i use wifi only.

Would the hub 3.0 be sufficient for the above requirement? Or would you recommend using a router. If the router is most ideal for the purpose, which router would you suggest, preferably under £60? If it helps, i'm getting a computer motherboard (Asus Z270E) which supports B/G/N/AC wifi connectivity. 


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Re: HUB 3.0 + GAMING: Need some advice

Best to get powerline adapters and forget about wireless. Wired connections are the best if possible.

You will not know how your wireless will perform until you get the PC and test it.

However, you could run a wireless scan in the meantime and see what your getting in the next room, and if there are any other wireless networks in the area which may cause interference.

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