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Getting really tired of these slow speeds!

I've just about had it with Virgin now! Countless calls to tech support has proved unfruitful every single time! My speeds haven't improved at all and I'm still lagging on my games, even getting disconnected from the servers whether it be on my Xbox one or PS4! A replacement CAT 6 network cable was sent out a couple weeks ago as I was told that would fix my problem but surprise it didn't improve anything speeds are still bad! You'd think that because I've logged countless calls that Virgin would investigate this more thoroughly considering I'm still paying the full costs of my bills and I'm quite surprised how not a single person at this company has offered me any form of compensation for the troubles I've had. Can't wait for my contract to be over with so I can go back to Sky. Might not get fast speeds with them sure but at least I'll be able to play my games without lagging!

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Re: Getting really tired of these slow speeds!

Hey Techie94,

Thanks for your post Smiley Happy

Apologies for the problems you're having. I've just replied to your other post regarding this over here. If we could stick to just the one thread per topic, it'll help us to keep in touch.

Thanks for your understanding.

Take care.


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