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i cannot connect my Xbox to the Internet at all, it just doesn't receive the connection and this isn't the first time. It's been happening for ages now and it's getting tiresome. My internet crashes 4-5 times a week and I'm constantly calling and getting no where, I'd like to know who I call for a Mac code please?. I'm sorry but I've had your internet for 5yrs and haven't had the greatest service since. 

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Re: Gaming

Hi Ryzee1


Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems you've been experiencing with your internet connection. I've run a few checks on your hub and there are some problems showing with the downstream power levels. We'll need to get these levels adjusted so I'll send you a PM (purple envelope, top right corner) to arrange an engineer visit. 


Also are you connecting your Xbox wired or wireless?


Speak soon 



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