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Gaming issues, playstation 4 connectivity

Just a quick message to anybody who is STILL having issues with this, after a pathetic amount of time.. 


Virgin media have a pretty good reputation when it comes to gaming, and I myself have been with them from one of my properties for many years now.

After 3 weeks of this, I've swapped... it was a complete joke, it's not only the fact that they can't or wont fix it, but also they sometimes randomly deny all knowledge of it when I phone them, and other times they are aware but have no idea whatsoever what is going on when it'll be fixed or how. (brilliant for a helpline)

The forum moderators are just as useless which is a shame because I had high hopes when they asked the right questions to start with.

So I switched after almost a month and have literally no issues now, a competent Internet provider should be able to figure out what is going wrong, they know when it started.. so they just need to look at what they've changed.


If Virgin Media don't take gamers seriously they're going to get hit in the wallet, to many of us to just not bother fixing these issues and expect us to still pay.


Before a Forum moderator does come onto this post and make a comment like ' we do take all customers seriously'.. you've had almost a month..... so take those scripted answers you keep giving to people, chuck them in the bin.. maybe ask your internet techs to do their jobs, and maybe..... just maybe relay actual information about this problem to people who pay for this product.


so my suggestion is to look about for a different company.

Thanks for reading


~ The Bucket ~



PS: just an after thought, Kev keep those copy and pasted scripts off this post, we can look anywhere for them.

I'd tell you what to do with them but i'm sure this would be deleted.


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