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Frequent lag spikes whilst playing League of Legends.

Hello there,

I have been with Virgin Media for many years and never experienced any problems until the recent months. I play League of Legends often and have found that the game will frequently lag pretty much every night and have ping spikes of up to 300ms+ when usually I play on a ping of 25-40ms; this makes the game unplayable as the game will freeze and makes it unenjoyable.

I play on a wired connection with a superhub1 (probably 2years+ old) and found that a temporary fix is to reset and it may be fine for 30mins-1hour or not at all sometimes. This is inconvenient for myself and family members to keep resetting the router.

My brother also plays but on a wireless connection but experiences lag and ping issues when I do aswell and found resetting provides a temporary fix.

I have setup a thinkbroadband and I am not 100% technical on how broadband works but it seems there are ping spikes (as we had to reset router again due to lag) and also some packet loss?


I will be happy to provide any further information that will help. Thankyou!!

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Re: Frequent lag spikes whilst playing League of Legends.

Hi Halfabrain,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, though sorry to hear of the latency and lag problems with LoL, frustrating.

I've run a few checks on your service from this end and nothing really jumps out as being a problem, the peak time load on your cable does, as you would expect, pick up a bit though this doesn't fit with latency apparent in your BQM monitor (very handy thanks).

From a diagnostic point of view it would be helpful if you could drop your Hub into modem mode to rule out any router or wireless issue and test LoL again, a new BQM would also be useful.

Speak to you soonSmiley Happy

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