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Frequent high latency and disconnections

After a "upgrade" a couple of weeks ago my Virgin Super Hub 2 has been getting great upgraded download speeds but my ping in game rises anywhere between 100 and 1000 and I repeatedly get disconnected for about a second or two which completely freezes me in game and disconnects me from the server, I don't understand how and "upgrade" can cause so many problems. Please reply with useful advice and try to avoid the temptation to reply with "I have the same problem" as it is most likely that a lot of VM customers have this problem. Thank you everyone in advance. 

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Re: Frequent high latency and disconnections

Hi Cameron16,


Sorry to hear you're getting ping spikes. I've just checked your connection and everything looks perfectly fine from here. Do you have a Thinkbroadband Graph you post? 

Also what games are you seeing these spikes? Are you playing wired or wirelessly?

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