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Frequent Disconnects



I have been a customer of virgin media for some time now and thier products have always come with a similar problem, frequest disconnects lasting between 1-10 mins. This is not a time dependant problem (It happens at any time of day or night) and makes using the internet a chore. 


After talking to customer services who have assured me that there is no problem/the problem has been fixed it is worse than ever. The network log has the following error logged:


Date Time Error Number Error Description

 24/06/2015  21:28:17  2436694061  Dynamic Range Window violation 



and this is the network status page.


Modem InitialisationStage Status
Downstream AcquisitionLocked
Primary Frequency299000000 Hz
Time Of Day22:40:13
Counters T1,T2,T3,T4,Sync,Resets0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 9
Internet ConnectionIP Address Status
WAN IP Address86.10.15.42
Lease Time Remaining4 days 06:11:40
ExpiryMon 29 Jun 04:51
Current Network TimeWed 24 Jun 22:40
Downstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Rx Power SNR Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors
Locked29299000000 HzQAM2560.3 dBmV41.3 dB35912336
Locked25267000000 HzQAM2560.2 dBmV41.4 dB34942065
Locked26275000000 HzQAM2560.0 dBmV41.9 dB42332750
Locked27283000000 HzQAM256-0.5 dBmV41.9 dB46322967
Locked28291000000 HzQAM256-1.0 dBmV41.4 dB40082700
Locked30307000000 HzQAM2560.0 dBmV41.4 dB42152854
Locked31315000000 HzQAM256-0.2 dBmV41.5 dB34152202
Locked32323000000 HzQAM256-0.6 dBmV41.4 dB42042871
Upstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Tx Power Mode Channel Bandwidth Symbol Rate
Locked3345800000 HzATDMA42.8 dBmV16QAM640000020480 Kbits/sec
Locked3435800000 HzATDMA43.3 dBmV16QAM640000020480 Kbits/sec
Unlocked00 HzUnknown0.0 dBmVUnknownUnknown0 Kbits/sec
Unlocked00 HzUnknown0.0 dBmVUnknownUnknown0 Kbits/sec


Could someone advise? If I had more time I would deffinately switch providers as the connection has become completely unusable...

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Re: Frequent Disconnects

Hi JasYoung314,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're getting drop outs. I've checked your connection as well as the stats you've posted. Everything looks perfectly normal from this end. You don't mention whether you're connected via wired or wireless?

If wireless could you try a wired connection and let us know how that goes?

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