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FIFA 16 and LOL issue

I just set up my internet about 2 days ago with the 100mb/s package, even though it is fast, It usually become laggy when I play games or use the web for too long. For example, in LOL case, in a 30 min game, the ping usually go at 30 but sometimes it fluctuated from 300-500. Worst of all, after 15 minutes these thing happen (the ping) and it happen so many times in the game which is annoying and frustrating Smiley Sad


It also happen with FIFA 16, and occur the whole day, both off peak or peak times. can anyone help me ?


Thank you

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Re: FIFA 16 and LOL issue

Hi trand3


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the problems that you are experiencing when playing online.


I've had a check on your connection and there some problems showing with your upstream power levels.  I'd like to arrange an engineer visit to get these adjusted and see if it takes care of these issues for you.


I will send you a private message (red envelope top left hand corner) to get this organised.


Speak soon

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