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Extremely slow PS4 connection speeds

Hi there, I connected my PS4 to my Virgin Media wifi today and was disappointed to find I had extremely slow internet speeds.

I've connected it via wifi as LAN isn't really an option due to where my room is located. I can connect to it but when I run a test it comes back with 200kb/s download speed which is significantly less than what I should be getting.

My laptop and phone all have fast internet while in my room, it just seems to be the PS4 that is suffering, loading my friends list takes a long time and even opening the PlayStation Store seems like a chore.

Is there any suggestions to what I could do to improve my internet?

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Re: Extremely slow PS4 connection speeds

Hi Rassy,


As this is over wireless it would be best to try changing wireless channels to see which works best in your area. I would always strongly advise play games over a wired connection where possible as gaming requires a stable connection. Even if you get your wireless 100% perfect it's still liable to dropping out so it might be worth considering power line adapters. 

Let us know how you get on with the channel changes and we'll take it from there.

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