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Extremely High Jitter Rate For Years.... (An ISP issue)

I've used numerous devices to try and optimise my connection over the past 5 or so years, I have been with you guys, but I feel like the end is in sight... 

When it was good, it was really good but that was very rare occasion...

For the past 3 years, I can only assume you guys were lying to me about 'optimising' my area. 

(Phone operators kept extending the finish date, like it's been 2 and a half years, and it's the same excuse)


You advertise up to 100mbps meaning that's what I should get on average, during off peak times?

This is simply not true... I am really getting 30mbps at the most. The woman at the call centre lied to me again, last month said they would offer me an upgrade, due to inconvenience. Not true.

This is my final attempt on resolving or attempting to get a greater understanding on what's going on, what am I actually paying for?

Is it possible to fix the unstable ping speeds or am I better off with a different ISP?


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Re: Extremely High Jitter Rate For Years.... (An ISP issue)

Hi SANz,


Sorry to hear you've been getting poor jitter. I've just checked your connection and can see that you are affected by contention fault F002780828 which is due for review 30/03/16. This will cause slow speeds and latency in peak times such as evenings and weekends. 

As well as this fault I can also see that your downstream power levels are too low which will also cause poor jitter and speeds as well as the occasional drop out.

We'll have to get a technician out to adjust this and I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time. Just click the envelope at the top of the forum to view your messages. 

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