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Download speed for the Xbox One is appalling slow


Earlier today (About 8PM in the evening) I purchased DOOM on my Xbox one and as of now (11:35 PM) it's 12% complete. This probably because of my stupidly slow internet download speed of 2.7 Mb/s coupled with constant disconnections and drops to 400Kb/s. Something I really wouldn't expect from my supposedly "super-fast" broadband that can provide up to 50mb/s. 

Frankly I don't know who carries out these tests, which continent they're carried out on and which internet they tested because I certainly have no idea how 2.7Mb/s is the same as 50Mb/s. I've heard about these isolated rural hamlets that get excruciating slow download speeds but I never really thought I'd get the internet experience of one and according to the Microsoft help page, if I were running at my actual speed then it should have downloaded in 2 hours. Instead I now get the joy of waiting a good few days before I can even start the game.

So does anyone know of a way I can improve my download speed? 

And also what's causing the problem? Could it be the size of the game, something to do with the Xbox/MS or something to do with Virgin?

Any help will be gladly appreciated.


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Re: Download speed for the Xbox One is appalling slow

Wired or Wireless ??

If Wireless 2.4GHz or 5GHz

The Superhub is useless for consoles, best bet, put SH into modem mode, and add your own router.




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Running on 200Mb VM service with SH2 AC in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-N66U router. With this setup I get Fantastic WIRED and WIRELESS Signals in my home. I dont work for VM. But I work in IT, and I know my tech.
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Re: Download speed for the Xbox One is appalling slow

Hi Annoyed5


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry that you are experiencing slow broadband speeds on your Xbox One.


There are no issues with your line nor the hub. The power levels are within range, there are no faults reported and the traffic on the network is running low.


When using the speed test through the Xbox One it does use different servers, so it won't give you a true reflection on the speeds you are receiving. If you complete a speed test on a PC/laptop through a wired connection, do the speeds differ?


Hope to hear from you soon


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