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Dota 2 - Ridiculously high ping to Valve Servers

I was getting normal pings (20-50ms) on the EUWest Server until a couple weeks ago when it shot up to 150ms with constant ping spikes up to 1000ms!, problem persists at both peak and non peak times.

EUEast and Russia have normal ping [~50ms] but both have constant massive ping spikes as well.  At present, the Game is pretty unplayable for me.

Seems like it might be a routing issue rather than a server issue as friends who live close by are getting none of my issues.

[Heres a couple of traceroutes i took to euwest](



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Re: Dota 2 - Ridiculously high ping to Valve Servers

Hi Mr_Nitrogen,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, though disappointing to hear about the latency problems with Dota.


Is your connection wired or wireless? Are the the same latency problems evident at all times of day?


I've run a few checks on your connection from our end all looks to be in good shape, with no apparent issues to explain any packet loss or ping issues in general.


From your trace results it looks like the biggest jump in latency is on Valves side of things.







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Re: Dota 2 - Ridiculously high ping to Valve Servers


It's the same issue that's affecting me and every other player of Dota 2 on Virgin Media. 

Yesterday I entered a game on their Eastern European servers to find my whole team were speaking English. I asked them if they were Virgin Media customers who couldn't get a stable ping to EU West and all four of them laughed and said yes. 

The issue is not present with BT.

You have a thread about it on page 2.


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