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Dota 2 - All servers high ping.

My ping has been high to EU West and East in Dota for months. I haven't played it for a few weeks, so I don't know if they solved an issue where that browser didn't show correct pings before (it was showing well below real in game ping), but that matches what I was getting in games.


Help would be much appreciated!


EDIT: Also, Dota's regional chat now defaults me to Liverpool! Also defaults my location to London. Does this have anything to do with it or a separate issue?


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Re: Dota 2 - All servers high ping.

Hi Sirfracis,


Sorry to hear you've been getting poor latency to Dota. I'm afraid I can't view the link you've posted due to works internal firewall. The regions changing shouldn't have an effect on your actual connection as this is just geolocation from various sites not updating the IP.

Could you post some traces to the server you play on for us to take a look at?

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