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Disconnection issues and slow wifi

 Hi Virgin,


Seriously starting to lose patience with our wifi service and seriously contemplating a change in provider with the current problems.


We've had the superhub installed etc etc but the wifi in the house continues to be plagued by speed problems. Wired is great but wireless is unuseable at times with Youtube often having to be streamed at the lowest quality setting or it is beset with buffering.


I also keep getting a lost connection with the EA servers which is so frustrating mid game, when you are penalised for not finishing a match.


Can you check to make sure everything is ok your end. 



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Re: Disconnection issues and slow wifi

Hi Mark96,


Thanks for posting, though apologies for the wireless problems.


I've run a few checks on both your SupeHub and local network segment and as your wired checks confirm, all looks in good shape from this end.


It sounds like wireless interference may be an issue, if you haven't done so already then please check out our wireless support guide here for a few tips on how to troubleshoot potential issues.


If you're an avid gamer than using something along the line of Powerline adaptors to extend your wired network may also be a thought.


Hope this helps.


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