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Default DHCP Range on Superhub 2

Hello all,

Trying to assign a static IP to my PS4 as I've been having some trouble with the new game "For Honor" consistently crashing out. It's a common issue and many have stated that port forwarding has resolved the issue for them.

I've been following a guide that states I need to locate the DHCP range of my router and assign a static IP to the PS4 outside of my routers DHCP range.

Problem is and it's probably me being stupid, I have looked everywhere and nothing clearly states what the DHCP range is.

I've found under DHCP settings the following: 


Check to enable or uncheck to disable DHCP
IP Address to 254


Is this the DHCP range?

If so, how can I assign my PS4 a static IP outside of the DHCP range?

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