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DNS Drop Offs

Hi there,


Recently been having some pretty bas DNS issues when ever doing anything a little heavy on the net (I.E Streaming/Gaming Online) it will start off fine no issues then randomly just cut out and go to Limited Access on internet. This can last anything up to 15 minutes so far is the worst I've had. I've read other posts from this forum and others stating to try setting the DNS to certain IP's but that does nothing. Any more ideas cause its starting to get a little annoying now to say the least.

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Re: DNS Drop Offs

Hi smithyy23


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the disconnections that you are experiencing.


Looking at your connection there are some problems showing with your downstream power levels that will cause you some issues. We will need to get these levels adjusted by arranging an engineer visit.


I will send you a private message (red envelope top left hand corner) to get this organised.



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