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Constant ping spikes BnS / Cs:GO stuttering

Hi so when gaming online playing games mainly Blade and soul & Counter Strike, i get constant ping spikes and when i do a ping to router i get this... i have also included a picture of my internet connection and i've also tried playing on different servers, NE, DE, Swe, FR and UK on faceit and its the same people stuttering around and my ping jumping up and down in net_graph i honestly have no idea, i reset my modem and the problems fixed for a few hours and then its back and don't wanna be resetting my modem every few hours :/


If there is any other information need please feel free.

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Re: Constant ping spikes BnS / Cs:GO stuttering

Hi Rian515,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're getting ping spikes. I've just checked your connection and can see no issues from here. Your power levels, SNR and area contention all look healthy. 

Your ping spiking just to the hub points to the issue being at least in part on the LAN end. First of all, are you playing over a wired or wireless connection?

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