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Constant lag while gaming

I really have had enough of this broadband, i am very unhappy, since i have had my Xbox One, day of release, the FPS games have been unplayable, i have done everything people have suggested, i am wired, nat setting open, i have turned everything off that uses WiFi and i am still getting awful lag issues, also done port-forwarding and it's still terrible.

Please can somebody give me some advice, besides changing to another provider. Thanks.

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Re: Constant lag while gaming

Hey there Unclefrank666,


Thanks for coming back to the Community here Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you've had some issues playing online with the Xbox One. I can see that you have mentioned that this is when playing FPS on wireless and wired. When on wired are you able to run this with only one device in Modem mode


Are you able to tell me if this is at a certain time of day and also please let me know a few FPS games that this is happening on?



Keep in touch and many thanks. 



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