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Constant disconnects on Xbox one - FIFA/GTA



During the past 2 weeks I've found when gaming online I'm constantly being disconnected, sometimes i'll get five or ten minutes and others seconds.


It just seems to drop out momentarily, as I can rejoin a party chat within seconds. This is obviously annoying though when having to get back in to GTA online, it takes an age.


I reset my xbox back to factory settings last night and have set up a static IP for the xbox with ports. That seemed to do the trick as I had 3 hours of no interruption, but go back on today and am having the same issues again.


Can someone help with this issue please? I've never experienced any issues with Virgin Media Broadband before, other than the occasional lag.




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Re: Constant disconnects on Xbox one - FIFA/GTA

Hi KLeak


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the disconnections you are experiencing playing FiFA/GTA.


I've run some checks on your connection and everything looks ok.


Are you connected wired or wireless?


Are there any changes to the lights on the hub when the connection drops?


Speak soon  

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