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Considering leaving virgin media due to constant internet problems!

This is the third time I have had to visit this forum due to high ping on my wired connection. My last problem was solved by coming here however it seems to have resurfaced in about a week. 

        I have just started playing Black Ops 3 on my PS4 and straight away I am lagging terribly. There is now a live ping graph in the game which displays ping from 0-400ms. I play with my friend who lives 5 minutes walk from myself and he is on BT internet. When in the same game together he has a ping of 30~ms on a 4/4 bar connection, similar to everyone else in the lobby, whereas I have a 30~ms ping that spikes to the maximum display of 400ms ever 10-30 seconds for around 10-30 seconds. The problem is definitely on my end again as I was the only one in the game with the problem and when testing my ping to the PC game 'Dota 2', which recently had the same problem and was "fixed" by a member of staff here, I once again had 400+ms ping spikes.

       These lag spikes make it impossible for me to play my games and therefore if this is not fixed asap I will try to find a new isp. I would usually apologise for ranting or complaining but I am fed up, spending most of my evenings trying to solve lag problems that I do not understand. 

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Re: Considering leaving virgin media due to constant internet problems!

Have you tried plugging your system into the other guys BT line?


Does the spike happen and all times and not just during prime time?


What DNS servers are you using?


How many devices are connected to your router at any one time?


Have you tried disabling all the router security while playing the ps4?


Do you have QOS active in the router?


Do you have any setting that would hinder a ping reply?


Have you had your router replaced?


Have you tried a better router because the one virgin supply aint that good. Its fine for a modem, but nothing beats a good quality router.

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