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Connection quality terrible!

Hi there,

I apologise in advance for any errors I make, I'm completely new to this..... but after months of silently suffering with a terribly inconsistent service, I had no-where to turn. Having spoken to tech, who keep telling me everything is OK, I don't know where to go for help. I finally started logging the issues through Thinkbroadbands broadband quality monitor (on 4th Jan) to get some insight into the problem, and here are the results. This is the problem, heres a screen shot of the monitor on the 24th Jan, yesterday. The internet connection is choppy, web pages sometimes load, sometimes don't and I have to wait to refresh etc.... its a real pain. Im on the 50Mb service - I was on the 100Mb service as I was under the impression that it would be better, but no difference - and speed tests are fine, a consistent 50Mb down and 2.8Mb up, but this doesn't help the terrible quality. Does anyone know what is causing this?. Im in postcode B62 8NH. Thanks again for any help.



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Re: Connection quality terrible!

Hi Bazza999,


Thanks for posting your graph and sorry to see the connection in such a state. When you see green hillocks like that on the graph there's usually an issue deep in the network causing the latency to spike. 

Could you run some traceroutes to thinkbroadband and post them here for us to take a look? It would also be useful if you note the times you run the traces and post another graph so we can correlate your traces with any spikes in the graph and find where the problem lies.

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