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Connection latency check please

Could someone please check my connection? There seems to be a very high level of latency (noise) in the connection that causes annoying latency with both online games and streamed videa such as YouTube etc.

I have recently been upgraded to the 200mb connection speed with a new Superhub 2 hub.



 Many thanks.

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Re: Connection latency check please

Hi Franksjpt,


Sorry to see your ping spikes. I've just checked your connection and the SNR (signal to noise ratio) did dip a few days ago but has been stable other than that. The graph you've posted shows spikes throughout the day rather than a single spike. 

There's nothing from this side that I can see to cause it. So we can narrow down the possible causes could you try modem mode with a PC in safe mode. This will rule out any background software on the PC, other devices on the network, wireless and the hubs router functions. 

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