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Connection drops and lag spikes....

Internet was fine till some days ago.. im getting slow speeds, connection drops and lag spikes which makes it impossible for me to use internet.. 

Called the support, got worst service now...

Any moderator that can tell me the reason of this events?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Connection drops and lag spikes....

Hello rubenboino


Sorry you have been experiencing problems with slow speeds and lag, we will do our best to help..


The line and hub all look good, I can see no recent network changes. Area traffic has the odd peak in the evening but not too much.


I notice that one of your PC is wireless, are you using a wired connection when you have this problem?


If it happens again it may be worth trying modem only mode to eliminate background bandwidth use from other devices or running some traceroutes to the affected site.


Please keep us updated


thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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