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Common Sence?!

So after my recent post over my packet loss which incidentally is getting worse and is now over 25%

I have an engineer coming tomorrow. Thinking I can kill 2 birds with one stone I thought It would make more scene for the engineer to fit my "free" upgrade form 150 to 200mb while he is here. So I call up the call centre to arrange but they tell me he wont have these with him!? It has to be arranged to come at a later date after he has been and I fit it myself.

Sorry but first of all I find it very hard to believe the engineers don't have access to hubs and secondly surely I am saving them money and ultimately myself money.

No wonder the bills are so high with Virgin if this is the logic they use between departments.

I'm very unhappy with Virgins service at the moment I have been a loyal customer for over 13 years.

I am sure its not too late for me to arrange for a new hub to be fitted while the engineer is fixing my current issue.



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