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Changed from a Superhub 2.0 to a 3.0 fixed all the problems we had.

Hello, not really sure but my household had major problems with the superhub 2.0..  for about a year we got it replaced 3 times as the engineer thought it was a router fault. Basically the WiFi would cut off and crash randomly and it wouldn't even let you search for the WiFI signal on any devices. 

The ethernet on a desktop worked FINE at the time and even when the WiFi switched off so it wasn't anything to do with the fibre optic cable, purely just a bad router design, maybe it couldn't handle different types of devices connecting? Smart TVS.. Kindles... Phones.. Iphones etc.

Anyway since the super hub 3.0 has been installed for free since its the least they could do for us... these problems have completely gone away and it makes me wonder.. Was the superhub 2.0 really that bad?

Hopefully I don't jinx myself now but if you are on a 2.0 and have problems. Give virgin a call and ask for the 3.0 and it might just fix your problems.. it runs better and has a better wifi range than the 2.0 too..

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Re: Changed from a Superhub 2.0 to a 3.0 fixed all the problems we had.

Hello Flopflip,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

I appreciate you taking the time to review your experience with the Superhub 2, I'm sorry you had such difficulties with it, but glad to hear your Hub 3 is performing better.

Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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