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Changed ISP.

I have had endless problems with my broadband for gaming that is, my ping/latency goes up and down constant lag spikes and this is on 200mb down and 12mb up.

I have had engineers come out but to no avail.

I choose to switch providers and changed to SKY, I am now on SKY FIBRE MAX my download speed is around 70mb and upload is 19mb and that is constant through the day peak or not.

Although I am not getting the 200mb download speed from virgin my ping is by far better than virgin, gaming now is so smooth its bliss any time of the day.

I was really hesitant about switching to sky but for me it was the best decision for gaming.

I've been playing games ie - rocket league, BF1 with my friends who are using virgin broadband and my ping is always lower.

I am not saying that this would be the best move for everyone but its an option which i am glad that i took.

i get sky multi room - cinema and sports - talk anytime - sky fibre max for £61 a month that includes line rental.

Happy gaming.


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