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Cant play online at night/low download speed

Hello over the past 3 weeks at night my download speeds have rapidly decreased to barely 1mbps on PS4, making it impossible to play online without lagging out pretty much. I've been told it's an area issue and I was just wandering if there has been an update over the past weeks on when it will be fixed.
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Re: Cant play online at night/low download speed

Hi Dangerf1sh,


Sorry to hear you're getting slow speeds. I've just checked your connection and there is the contention fault under ticket F002406281. This will cause slow speeds in peak times and is due for review 13/04/16.This isn't the only issue affect your connection though, both your upstream and downstream power levels are out of spec and will need a technician to adjust.

I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time for a technician to visit.

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